Why take part?

Participating in the Private Business Growth Award offers value for all companies and organizations that get involved

Nominating a company for the Private Business Growth Award just makes good business sense. After all, business advisors, chambers, organizations and people that nominate deserving companies get more than gratitude. They also play a pivotal role in helping to shine a spotlight on our nation's leading private businesses. As well, they are included in our local award program celebrations, and have the opportunity to meet and network with some of Canada's most successful private business owners and business leaders.

Top 10 Finalists and the Private Business Growth Award winner have the chance to reap even more value from their participation, including raising company profile—across various channels—receiving external recognition and networking with other successful business owners at several high-profile events.

"It is an amazing soapbox for private companies like ours to stand on and tell our story to the world. It's given us tremendous exposure and great recognition as a company that is really growing and doing things."

Jason Castellan, CEO Skyline Group of Companies
(Honour Roll 2016)

2016 Winner, Rocky Mountaineer
2017 Winner, Rocky Mountaineer

Does your company have a great growth story?

Hear from Top 10 Finalists and Private Business Growth Award winners:

Watch the video Watch the video

Recognition of growth

  • Company profile enhanced through media releases, announcement ads, social media and a company profile in the Globe and Mail
  • Be featured on the Private Business Growth Award website, and in a two-minute company video
  • Display the Private Business Growth Award icon to gain credibility with clients, lenders and potential business partners

Validation of hard work

  • Enjoy public recognition of the hard work of your whole team and their contributions to your business success
  • Earn greater external validation that your company is growing successfully
  • Use the recognition to help attract top talent
  • Inspire your team to reach even higher heights by celebrating achievements to date

Celebration of success

  • Meet other participants, the jury, past finalists and winners, members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders at select award events
  • Attend the CEO roundtable for Top 10 Finalists
  • Have your story shared at the gala, where your success will be celebrated with peers and Canadian business leaders
Guests enjoying the 2016 gala
Guests enjoying the 2017 gala
2016 Top 10 Finalist, Reliance Foundry
2016 Top 10 Finalist, Reliance Foundry

“It’s a great way to celebrate the success of the organization and it’s a great way for all the people who work for you, who put in the time, to celebrate what they have accomplished.”

Paul Seed, CEO StarTech.com,
Top 10 Finalist 2016 & 2015

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