Secrets of success

Private companies—and the entrepreneurs that build them—are the foundation of the Canadian economy. But what is the secret to their success—are there practical lessons that can be learned and applied by other private businesses and entrepreneurs?

We are pleased to share some key insights and answers to these questions, courtesy of collaborative research led by Dr. Peggy Cunningham, the R.A. Jodrey Professor at Dalhousie University’s Rowe School of Business.

Cunningham is also a juror for the annual Grant Thornton Private Business Growth Award, and several past winners are a part of her study, alongside other companies in her network. Something that’s striking about the research, as you will see, is just how much in common these successful companies have.

Her work reveals that these businesses are working with clients and customers to innovate in remarkable ways, developing niche strategies, driving technological innovation, establishing a positive corporate culture and investing in the cross-training of employees.

Download the Private Business Growth Report today and get inspired to establish new ways to reach your goals.

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Secrets of success
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