Testimonials - Testimonials

Just like we encourage everybody else to grow, our website has been doing the same and helping many entrepreneurs to add a significant award to their to-earn lists. Here is what some of them had to say about their experience working with us.

Cara O’Donnell – Indie Magazine Owner

When I was looking for ways to make a name for myself and my magazine, I came across this website and was shocked to see what these awards could do for this goal of mine. Although I have only been nominated, simply striving to earn the rewards that this team informed me about has added a new flame to my wish to fight for my business’ growth.

Justin Mitchell – Italian-Canadian Bar Owner

I was quite content with having my business be just a regular bar, but when I accidentally came across this website, my mind was changed immediately. I started striving to add my very own brewery, experimenting and creating my beverages. This was a year ago and now I know I can apply for the award myself.

Sarah Anderson – Manufacturer of Handmade Leather Products

My mother has always been encouraging me to think big and she is the one that showed me this website. After browsing around a bit, I decided to contact the team and they have so far helped me start my business. I am thankful for finding such an amazing group of people to encourage me to keep moving forward.

Dennis Richardson – Artisanal Footwear Retailer

Finding this website by chance has been a blessing since I was ready to give up on my business. Reading about the awards and the businesses that had earnt it inspired me to keep creating my artisanal footwear and innovating in my designs and materials. Nowadays my business is expanding to five Canadian states and I want to go international.