Award Recipient – How Trent Valley Distributors Earnt Their Award

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has many ways to show support for businesses that go above and beyond to help the community and succeed in the process. Such is the case with the Small Business Relief Fund, which is the award that Trent Valley Distributors earnt.

The Chamber’s Goal

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has always been committed to providing the necessary resources that Canadian businesses need to thrive and grow strong. Even in this exceptional situation, they have stuck to this one main goal.

Award Recipien How Trent Valley Distributors Earnt Their Award set goals - Award Recipient - How Trent Valley Distributors Earnt Their Award

This award was created in answer to the COVID-19 crisis that has shaken global economies to their very core. The Chamber of Commerce decided to provide $10,000 grants to over 60 of the country’s small businesses, to help them survive and thrive during these trying times.

By receiving this grant, they have an additional economic boost that can help them save jobs. It can also be of great help to acquire protective gear for employees, restock their inventory, or meet any other needs.

Trent Valley Distributors

This is one of the businesses that earnt this award, who distribute supplies for kitchens and restaurants but have had to reinvent their services to adjust to the new needs. They have succeeded in learning and creating the best ways to stay sanitized and be able to do their job without spreading the virus.

Tough Times

Chris Auger, the owner of this small business, has declared that these past few months have been tough and they have had to struggle to stay afloat after 40 years in the market. They have been proud members of the Chamber of Commerce for three decades and it has always proven to be an excellent partnership.

Thus, this extra money has come as a blessing and a powerful aid that they can’t wait to put to good use within the company.  The first aim he has in mind is to expand its sanitary division and have better services along with more supplies to provide for the community’s wellbeing.

Trent Valley Distributors have earnt this award as a reward for their decades of membership in the Chamber of Commerce as well as their efforts to keep their business. They have gone above and beyond to make sure they stay efficient, safe and healthy during this pandemic. Their struggle has been recognized and alleviated.