Canadian Chamber of Commerce – What is it and Why Register

All Canadian business owners and new entrepreneurs should know about the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and understand the many benefits that come with registering to it.

A Powerful Ally in Success

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has been aiding small, medium, and big businesses since 1925 all across the Canadian territory. They have served as a powerful ally to see the competitive environment in the economy be strengthened with the help of public policies.

Giving Businesses a Voice

They are called the voice of Canadian businesses because they are respected and even consulted by the government when it comes to policy creation and certain resolutions. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce now represents 200,000 Canadian businesses belonging to all industries, with no other business association surpassing them in size.

Earning the Right

They have earnt the right to be the voice of businesses in Canada by making sure each of their analyses, reports and position papers are only exposed after extensive research. Moreover, their big picture perspective, when it comes to business, is clear in each policy resolution with which they come forward.

Why Register?

If you want to join the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, there are three different types of membership you can get, each with its benefits.

Business Membership and Association Membership

You will be invited to activities that will help you build your network and develop as a professional, while you get the chance to make a difference with the public policies. You will have a say in the development of new policies that will affect the Canadian business environment through your participation in the Chambers’ committees.

You get top-quality information regarding federal laws and any business opportunities and you also get the Essential Business Services to help you be more successful in business. For the association membership’s benefits, certain conditions apply.

Chamber of Commerce Membership

It comes with all the benefits of the business membership, with the added advantages that come with Chamber Accreditation. These include a stronger say on what goes on in the business environment, getting a distinct identity for your brand, a more important part to play on national and international policy development, all of which give you an edge.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the most important business organization in Canada and joining it brings many benefits for you and your business. Keep in mind that you can boost your popularity, professionalism, and success.