About the Website

About the Website - About the WebsiteThis website was initially created by administrative support services director, Phillip C. Boyd, who found out about this award when his business was nominated. Even though someone else won the award, Phillip could see the benefit of being just nominated and wanted to let everybody know such recognition existed.

He had a couple of friends who previously worked at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and they were interested in helping out with whatever information they could provide. Slowly but surely, the website grew into an informative and educational space, led by a team of professionals that enjoy encouraging the success of innovation.

The goal has never changed since we all feel that it is only through innovation and the recognition of it that any economy can stay vibrant and positive. We endeavour to educate every reader and user of our website about the benefits of receiving the Private Business Growth Award and the way to earn it.

Additionally, we inform people about other awards of the same nature that the Canadian Chamber of Commerce rewards successful businesses and their owners with. Our team works closely with new entrepreneurs to help them with the application process and also keeps an eye out for businesses that deserve at the very least a nomination.

You are more than welcome to use our website to gather as much information as you can, about the awards that you can strive for and how you can go about it.